Vail, Colorado

August 18th-21st, 2016

Friday, August 18th

The Southwest Companion pass made it very easy to escape for 3-4 day weekends frequently last year.  Our trip to Vail was certainly one of them.  I had never been to Colorado in the Summer before and it did not disappoint.

We finagled getting Amber on the plane, which was an adventure unto itself.

We stayed with our friends Kristin and Jake in Denver the first night.  The plan was to go see Flume at Red Rocks, but that fell through in light of 300% inflation on the face value of the tickets for the show.  We had a great time staying with them, and 6 bottles of Wine of the Month Club temperanillo to prove it.

Friday, August 19th

We headed up to the mountains.  It really is a beautiful drive, especially in the summer.  The real purpose of the getaway was to escape the Louisiana heat. Despite being rather warm in Denver (dry warm during the day at worst), the mountains were nice and cool.  We drove to Avon to have lunch with our amazing neighbor Lana and her partner Dan.  Lana frequently watches Amber when we travel, so it was great getting them together during Lana’s usual 5 month hiatus from the Nola heat.


Saturday, August 20th

We only had one full day in the mountains, but we made the most of it.  I found a great brunch place in Vail that Lindsay thoroughly enjoyed.  They even fly in pastries from France. Fancy.  After brunch, we took the gondola up to Mid Vail and enjoyed the gorgeous views.

We really wanted to do something adventurous.  Lana recommended Sage Outdoors for activities, so we decided to do the guided mountain buggy tour.  It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 21st

Another gorgeous Colorado summer day.  They have a farmers market on Sundays during the summer in Vail. We walked around, had breakfast with Kristin and Jake, and then headed back to Denver for another adventurous flight with Ms Amber.


This trip was a great taste of how great the summertime in Colorado can be.  We will most certainly be back this upcoming summer!


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